Who You Are


Community Organizer

Community organizer who needs help with your social justice campaign. You’ve tried traditional and grassroots strategies for gaining public interest, and want to try something new. 

Maybe you know your exhibit theme, maybe you don’t.

Perhaps you already have your visitor learning goals and “takeaways” in mind, or you want to get some ideas.

You can have no clue how to visualize the topic and make it three dimensional, let alone produce an exhibition!

Let us help guide you through the process.


Museum Professional

Museum professional who wants to incorporate social justice and community activism into your gallery, and maybe needs help convincing the rest of your team to get on board.

Perhaps you’ve identified the exhibitions’s theme, but need help finding the activism component to elevate the Big Idea.

Maybe you already know how the exhibition relates to social justice, but need assistance developing creative calls to action within the gallery.

We can support your project and fill in the blanks.


Intrigued Fan

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