How We Work


How We Work with Community Organizers

Step 1 // LEARN

We learn all about what you want to do, your goals, target audience, stakeholders, timeline, resources and budget. Together we outline your needs, our individual and shared responsibilities, and how we will measure success.

Step 2 // IDENTIFY

We work closely with you to come up with the Big Idea (the compelling one-liner that defines the exhibition’s story) based on your larger organizational and campaign goals.

Step 3 // CREATE

Together we select an Exhibit Development Board, including members of your staff, subject experts, community members, organizational partners, and stakeholders. This dedicated group curates the exhibition with Exhibits of Humanity’s assistance.

Step 4 // DEFINE

The Exhibit Brief is a document used to outline the storyline and Big Idea. We get into the weeds, brainstorming content as well as specific visitor experiences and outcomes for each section.


This is our favorite part! Exhibits of Humanity visualizes the exhibition and collects art, artifacts, personal stories, and data. We show you drawings, scale models, and 3-D renderings to communicate our ideas to you.

Step 6 // PLAN

We solidify the location, installation schedule and outline a marketing strategy and develop complimentary programming (if applicable) to the exhibition.

Step 7 // BUILD

Exhibits of Humanity oversees the fabrication of the exhibition, hiring builders, craftspeople, artists and designers to physically create the exhibition.

Step 8 // OPEN

The exhibition opens to the public! Opening party and related programming to commence.

Step 9 // EVALUATE

Once complete, we evaluate the success of the exhibition using agreed upon metrics (such as attendance rates, social media call-outs, program engagement, etc).


How We Work with Museums


We’re happy to jump in wherever you are at in the exhibit development process. Our team has developed, designed and produced a multitude of traditional museum exhibitions in the past, working with institutions of various sizes and resources. We know first hand what it takes to execute a successful exhibition.

Some ways we can help:

Narrative Services

  • Work with curator(s) to identify the Big Idea.

  • Develop the Exhibit Brief.

  • Brainstorm call(s)-to-action within exhibition.

  • Facilitate conversations and collaborations with community activists.

Design Services

  • 2-D & 3-D exhibition design including graphic mock-ups, gallery sketches, scale models, computer renderings, and construction documents.

  • Design participatory and engagement activities within the exhibition.

Production Services

  • Oversee in- and out-of-house fabrication, graphic production, printing, and gallery construction.

  • Project management of gallery installation.