Exhibits of Humanity • social justice exhibitions

Exhibits of Humanity creates social justice exhibitions for museums, community organizers and political campaigns. Through engaging, meaningful and transformative exhibitions we expand public interest and investment in social justice issues.



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We create narrative environments that:

  • Amplify an issue.

  • Challenge preconceived notions.

  • Encourage individual and collective meaning-making.

  • Inspire enduring change.


We Utilize Cultural Strategy to Change Politics. 

Politics is where some of the people are most of the time. Culture is where most of the people are most of the time.
— Making Waves, The Culture Group

Politics are a reflection of a community’s values, and values are influenced by culture. Exhibitions are part of culture.

By introducing exhibitions that elevate a specific set of values into a community, we have the opportunity to shift values, and in doing so, shake up politics.


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